About me


About me


Who am I?

you may ask yourself...My name is Florence and I live the motto of ARTDANCELOVE, a project I have founded since I moved from the beautiful harbor city of Hamburg 2019 to the capital of Portugal on the seaside.



I am a big fan of ART and love to experiment with different techniques, whether with flocking, spatulas, salt etc. you never know where the color leads you. Explore yourself and the wonderful feeling of experimenting.

Since 2010 my DANCE passion started with salsa until I dicovered Bachata Sensual and Zouk. As a certified Dance Teacher I like to inspire others by showing that dancing is not just moving yourself. Connect to your body, share your creativity with others and discover your curiosity.

What is your Creative Calling? Creativity is very important in our life and I want to share this feeling with you, where you are able to unfold creativity in your own way. Become also a "Creative Inspiring Entrepreneur" by joining our events or be inspired by the creativity which exist in all of us.

For me, it took years to find Creativity back again in my self-employment and now I am here for organizing YOUR Creativity Event in different forms. Creativity is a part of every one of us.


….and LOVE?

What would we do without love for the things that matter to us? I love everything creative and I want to light up your creativity, in a society where we spent too little time on creative projects. With my marketing know-how, I learned how to grow a Business combined with Creativity Coaching I attended to unfold and structure creative thoughts.




Any more questions? Text me directly :)


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