Workshop | Go Create: Go Create: Shadow Puppet Theatre

Using shoeboxes and cereal packets you will be building a mini stage for your characters and creating a small scene. You’ll be working together in teams with each person taking on the role they are most comfortable with, whether it’s crafting, story/script, sound/music or performing the actual show. You’ll be guided through each step with regular goalposts and an emphasis on creating things together quickly whilst having as much fun as possible!

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You’ll be given a prompt to start with but where you go with the idea will be up to you - will you make a medieval tragedy set in a castle? Will it be a sci-fi romance on a spaceship? A horror comedy in some dark woods? The choice is yours!

It’s a two hour session with a max group size of 12, and all materials will be provided. You’re also welcome to stay for a drink or chat after.

Come along with an open mind and a willingness to explore and you will leave with a smiling face, new friends and a new appreciation of how cool a puppet show can be!

Price: 15 Euro. All materials included.

Language: English

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