Creative Writing Session 2

Creative Writing Session 2

This time we worked on collaborative writing. We had 5 minutes to write and only 2 sentences visible from our neighbor. Check out the funny results!

João Ferreira

Nov. 4, 2019

The words chosen were:






Do you see the light inside your heart, sometimes it is overwhelming. When someone is meeting another person this light can flash even stronger. Positive attitude con reach people and make them smile. Once there was a girl like an eagle she observed people, did not talk to them but she's had a strong light inside. FLORENCE

She imagined who the people were and what their lives might be. She thought what would make them happy and find their own lightness inside. But all the people just skipped along, with frowny foces, late for work and in a rush. MAREK

She went home, pretty much thinking about it all the time. No other thoughts would cross her mind. And then, she saw a clown. A happy one, surrounded by children. He was using this plunger and a flashlight, as if he was a plumber-warrior. Yet, it worked. How did he do it so simply? - OK - she thought. This is it! She needed light for her audience. A bright one, a cheering one. Only light JOAO

should fill the room and make the students humble and finally make them understand that everything in the universe was made out of it: energy, waves of light, since the Big Bang started everything out of darkness. SIMON



I'll never forget the day I found a baby eagle stuck in my eco-friendly toilet. I had installed my toilet in an outhouse in my back garden, so that I could have a nice shit in the woods. But what I didn't expect was that an eagle would build his nest here, and now a little bird was stuck in the hole. I knew there was only one thing I could do: getting my plunger. MAREK

After some trials, I finally could got the poor creature out, and tried my best to improvise a new nest. The bird was calling for help, it was no use to keep it here. So, I just left it on the top of this rock and left it in the light, such that big eagle could pick it up. Poor little bird. JOAO

He wanted to be eco-friendly, but now he had to prioritize the health of his family and make use of it. SIMON

So, the bird was finally absorbed into the light through a magical eco-friendly plunger that saved the eagle with his energy. MARCO


After buying their eco-friendly light bulbs, Jane and Morty went back to their home. It was raining softly, they almost could poss by it completely dry. They have been fighting a lot lately, pointing out each others' mistakes with an eagle eye. Morty turned on the TV. The reporter was describing a horrible war scenario. Morty reached out Jane, and turned off the lights. -What are you doing? - Jane asked. Then they hugged. The best hug they ever had in months. Long and deep. Skipping all verbosity of language. Light was the key to understanding. A different light. I the next day, it was sunny. Morty was smiling, and replaced the bulbs JOAO

with the normal ones. She was scared that everything would turn back to the silence between them. She wanted to keep the secret of the light for special moments. SIMON

So, she looked for an alchemist, in order to put this secret into an immortal object. Then, the alchemist offered her a piece of the most ancient philosopher's stone, ssaying that the secret would have kept forever inside the lights of the stone. MARCO

But Marty was having none of this, so he smashed the stone on the floor as hard as he could and a green light beamed out with an Eagle saying an old recorded eco-friendly message that skipped (probably because it was 5000 years old). Marty tried to hit the eagle with his plunger, maybe that way he would finally have something to eat. So it was that Marty ended up cursed by nature and History: turned into an angry petunia. JOAO PEDRO


Only me alone in this room, the wooden table with the screen of the laptop producing a cold light and weird shades to the walls. The books around me seem to absorb all sounds from this world and all noise in my brain. I'm taking the pencil and start to copy the elements that are shown on the screen to my sheet of paper, without understanding the cryptic symbols and the deepness of their meaning. SIMON

But then, when I was about to write down my ideas, it seemed to me that I couldn't. My hand was blocked by a strange energy. It was as if my unconscious couldn't let me merge into it. Those cryptic symbols reminded me of something from my past that I could not figure out. Then I looked outside the window to the light of the sun for inspiration. MARCO

But inspiration was not there to be had, because the Sun was now a distant star, another dim light among others in the constellation of the Eagle. I leaned on the chair as I heard someone use the plunger. Life in space is not as glamorous as skipping between planets and eating microwave meals while floating between deep sleeps of several years. Had we been more eco-friendly, we would not have had to depart on this diaspora. JOAO PEDRO

They considered themselves the lucky ones. Rearing eagles, and having had such a successful plunging business, the Crook family had kept a store of 50 litres of water already. Others hadn't been so lucky, and were passing with their old coke bottles to get access to some drops of potable water. We shared what we could, packed the rest up, along with a few other essential belongings, and joined the already chick flow of exodus from Light-ville sure to say. No one was skipping any more. LUNA


One day, while I was walking alone in the garden, I have been illuminated by a light. I looked to the sky and an eagle was flying above us. I was inspired by this view and I realized it was the moment to develop my business? What after an humble day? Shouldn't you like to have an eco-friendly plumber for our toilet? Or a more ecofriendly house? I went to skip from reality and imagination to invent it. Then... it works in this way: MARCO

Skipping over magnets, with a special mechanism, guided by light and eagles. JOAO PEDRO

To the edge of the magnet up through the clock valley and up through bike chain clouds, the eagle pushed on, chasing the light. Darting irregularly between the crevices of industrial plains, the light burst past the ocean of screws, under a tree of hinges and soared out to the open off of the top of a rusty mountain. The eagle, feeling in her comfort zone, accelerated in a deep dive towards the light. Agile and focused, the eagle finall caught up with the light. She reached out hed claw, and enveloped the light as a child in a bath robe. For a moment, the light let himself enjoy the embrace, the safety, the release. LUNA

Now she is there, finally there where she always wanted to be. Home in heaven, released from the pain she had all the time in the world. FLORENCE



It was just Night? It may have been Spring on Earth, but the crew of the Eagle V was skipping between asteroids for what had now beet a small eternity. The captain approached the guidance screen munching on a bar of chocolate and helping guide "plunger", our affectionate name for the probe that anchored the ship to each asteroid and made some vague sounds that propagated through the ship like someone had flushed a toilet. A light turned on and something said "we have lost contact with Earth" as a light flashed red and our eco-friendly AI blared that there is something that needs fixing... JOAO PEDRO

Through the darkness the recycled material of the AI's antennas could sense a change in motion. Small turbulences were felt in the air. He moved in that direction, cauciously, focusing to keep picking up signals. A little further in his approach, the AI was able to see a shallow glow break the darkness. Sharp streaks of light cut the darkness. LUNA

The AI is so important in a time of transforming things. Where is the light? I can not see it in our society, when machines turn our world into an optimized unknown place. FLORENCE

That's why the AI made the ultimate sacrifice: it put itself to sleep, and all the other machines with it. The people awoke from their shared hallucination - and found the light in a simpler unoptimized world. MAREK


Curved and gentle, it bent itself around the corner. It was with the sharp chill in the air that he could appreciate the strength of the rays warming his scaly skin. In the lightness of that day, Bill, all covered in overalls, mask on - made of recycled chipboard on something, I'm sure, - hands cased up in sweaty gloves, leaned full weight in and out of that loo. Up, down, up, down. He wiped a cold sweat from his forehead. Light catching splashes  as they ricochetted from the boson's edge. The sparkles skipped freely through the air, landing on the adjacent walls, ceiling, floor, and on Bill, square between the nose. How I enjoyed this warmth, this scene. Up, down, up, down. A groan. Bill flushed. I could help but secretly hope it was not unblocked. LUNA

Bill was frustrated, he did not answer. As he did not expect something to get out of this situation. Up Down again all the time. Who can unblock him. He asked a friend to come over to his place. He did not see the light anymore, skipping his work. But then his friend came to help him. FLORENCE

With his friend's help, he could feel better. Talking to his friend was like having a plunger for his soul, flushing out all the negative energy. After a while, he thought about getting back to work again. This time, he would not forget to see the light. MAREK

In the following months, he could focus and get things done. As an eagle, he would see things sharp. No more skipping days, no more darkness. By shoring the weight, like an eco-friendly engine, he could now see the light. JOAO

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